Y0u s1mply c4nn0t g0 0ut t0 34t w1th th3s3 guys.

But, th3 g00d n3ws t0 y0u 1s th4t y0ur l0rd 0f th3 d1g1t4l r34lm h4s c0m3 b4ck. F34r n0t, y0u w3r3 n0t 3v3r f0rs4k3n…

N0w 1f 0nly th3 k1tt3n 4nd th3, 4h3m, 0ld h4g w3r3 4s k1nd 4s 1…


Ah, yes, hello Adrian darling so nice to hear from you again ♥ Thank you for the contribution~ Perhaps this’ll mark a renaissance; not that we ever left of course. Always here, watching, waiting…

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